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Lea is warm and understanding and we just need more people like her ! Great for helping you in tricky situations or just great for listening to me off load ! Never judgemental just nurturing and kind. I feel comfortable around Lea and always like having her around. Thank you x

Shanene Macedo

Lea is a compassionate and understanding person. It was lovely having her training on my postnatal doula course. She brings a wealth of experience supporting mothers to her new vocation. I hope mothers in Horsham and the surrounding areas will reach out for support from her.

Victoria Greenly

I had a wonderful experience training with Lea! She contributed great knowledge, understanding and also support for the other Doula’s on the course. I felt so comfortable in her warm presence. Lea’s empathy and compassion for others is clear to see, and no doubt will have a lasting impact on the families she works with. x

Samantha King

Lea helped me so much after I had my second daughter! I couldn’t recommend her enough. She was calm, supportive, made me laugh, entertained my toddler so I could feed and generally brightened my day. If you are looking for extra help after giving birth look no further. The fact that she is a breastfeeding expert really helped too!!!!!!

Emily Lomax

I have worked alongside Lea in maternity care, and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting support from a kind and experienced woman, who will bring calm to your home. It would be great to have Lea beside you, helping with breastfeeding.

Nikki Tuck

Lea is the loveliest person, she is kind and will help and support post natal ladies with empathy and always going above and beyond. Lea has lots of experience and anyone who has Lea as their post natal Doula will have made a fantastic decision!

Claire Worthylake

I have a little boy who is 12 weeks and Lea has helped since before he was born! She took the time to get to know me personally and I felt she really listened to my needs and that I could talk to her about private things that I found hard to open up about!
She also helps so much now, I wasn’t really sure what to expect as this is my first baby and experience with a doula and Lea is perfect, she makes me feel so comfortable when looking after my baby even though I struggle to let him go sometimes! And she squashes any worries or anxieties I have with her vast knowledge! She is a really calming and confident presence to have around whether your exhausted or feeling like you finally have a grip on things, and she caters to your needs, I didn’t know how much I needed her and will be keeping her around!
I feel like I could write so much more but it would be an essay

Amy Hart

So happy to hear that my friend & former colleague is in training to become a postnatal doula. I worked for several years on the maternity wards with Lea when I was training to become a midwife and can honestly say she is one of the most compassionate & lovely people I have ever known. She is so passionate about postnatal care & I know that anyone who has her by their side will be in the best of hands. I’d highly recommend taking a look at her page

Laura Randall

Lea was just such a god send. She came into our lives when we were really struggling after the birth of my son who was premature with additional needs. I am also a carer for my mum and a single parent so had a lot going on and not much support. Because of my sons health I wanted him looked after by someone with training because he is a bit more complex. Lea was great at meeting his health needs and forming a bind with him. She allowed me to get rest and also did practical helpful things around the house. She also was super sweet and baked me breastfeeding cookies and gave me a self care book. She sent me lots of informative links and was generally very thoughtful of everything we were going through. We miss her greatly as she became part of the family!

Clemmie Jacques

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